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Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments is the perfect option if you want freedom, regardless of whether you are

travelling for work or leisure. We offer our guests lovely, fully-equipped hotel apartments in the heart of

Bergen’s beautiful city centre – ideal if you want a safe and comfortable stay close to all services!

Velkommen til oss – vi håper du føler deg som hjemme!
Welcome – we hope you will feel at home!




Welcome to Ole Bull Huset – all the best entertainment under one roof!


Ole Bull Scene, one of Norway’s best venues for shows, is right next door to the hotel. As well as

enjoying the most exciting shows, it offers wonderful culinary experiences in Storm Brasserie and the

chance to unwind in Storm Bar, which has its own terrace. In the autumn of 2021 we will start offering

special accommodation packages that include shows!

Welcome to Ole Bull Huset– all the best entertainment under one roof!

During the spring of 2021, all of our hotel apartments will be named after famous performers and shows

at Ole Bull Scene, or after other cultural activities in Bergen, and they will be decorated accordingly.

Would you like to live on the “Bergen – City of Festivals” floor, or maybe in an apartment themed with a

famous actor or director? We offer a wide range of apartments, and they’re all nice!